Image description of Distressed Turquoise Coffee Table

A distressed wood coffee table was not a very common choice as it was projected to be a faux antique, but now the trend is catching on fast. Basically, a coffee table is distressed when it is purposely damaged in order to resemble an antique. However, they don’t diminish the quality or value of the table in any way – they look chic and make interesting contrasts with the overall décor of the surrounding areas.

Some of the popular types of distressed tables are:

  • White Distressed Coffee Table – “White” being a neutral color, can be matched with all kinds of décor without seeming out of place. Even if you have space constraints, a small white table can really accentuate the appearance of the room it is kept in. Though it is made to look vintage, the table is quite sturdy and stain resistant.
  • Distressed Turquoise Coffee Table – This is a beautiful color that subtly gives off a regal aura, which is why it is being frequently used in traditional settings. If you have a taste for furniture of the Victorian era, this table can perfectly complement it. Keep a centerpiece on it, use it for a tea party or display figurines – the choice is yours!

Distressed wood tables might be a tad costly, but the end result is definitely worth it as you are adding a valuable piece of décor to your home. What are you waiting for? The best way to search is to go online, so start looking right away!

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